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We at 1O1 Architecture believe in the importance of building environments for the greater good of the communities we are members of and engage with. By actively being good neighbors and stewards, we believe we can increase the likelihood of the safety, health, security, and ultimately, happiness of our communities as a whole. To our public servants, we thank you for your tireless service, and we look forward to serving you the best way we know how – with well designed spaces.

Above is the design for a new Fire Station and Training Center located in Rock Springs WY. We anticipate this 14,000 sq. foot station will break ground in early 2014, with the training grounds being built shortly after. The project is currently in the fund-raising phase. Frank Malek was the Managing Principal for Hangar 41W, a joint venture between Hangar 41, LLC and Vera Iconica Architecture from Jackson, WY. while this project was being designed.

Above is a conceptual design for a fire station remodel and addition for Station 1 in Jackson, WY. After doing feasability studies and needs analysis for six firestations around Teton County (the Jackson Hole, WY. area), several plans were formulated to streamline their processes and rehabilitate several stations. Frank Malek was the Managing Principal for Hangar 41, LLC working in collaboration with Vera Iconica Architecture from Jackson, WY. through the completion of this project.

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